Brackenridge Estate boasts a very solid security policy which include strict guarded access control, perimeter fence monitoring, patrolling and estate patrols. The Estate employs a full time Security Manager who is very involved in crime prevention in the greater Plettenberg Bay area. He works very closely with the local CPF (Community Policing forum) and has great working relationships with local SAPS station and members. The security manager and staff believe and understand that security threats are forever evolving, and we strive to better ourselves daily.

Access Control

Brackenridge’s access control covers all individuals and vehicles at the multiple access points of the estate. The movements of the daily construction and service-providing personnel are strictly monitored and controlled.  The estate is equipped with license plate recognition cameras to boost all security measures.

Perimeter Fence Monitoring

Approximately 6 km of electrified fencing around the estate is patrolled day and night by the estate security staff. All security staff are equipped with the necessary entails to carry out their duties to the highest standards.

Our perimeter fence is fully electrified around the whole estate with all faults and alarms being relayed to the control room. We pride our state-of-the-art software setup that alerts the system that is monitored by security staff onsite. If alarms are triggered security staff are sent out to investigate.

The security department is equipped with ability to respond to any security matters that may arise within the estate as well as on the perimeter fence.

Security Enhancements:

Our estate offers an 24/7 security team on-site. We have worked the perfect solution of security staff that work their duties day and night. All access gates a securely closed in the evenings enhancing security levels. Any homeowner or guest entering or exiting the estate will be controlled and assisted by security staff on duty. Apart from the security services offered by the estate, the contracting of an armed response company rests solely with the individual homeowners.

Security is one of the highest priorities at Brackenridge Estate our dedicated security manager and staff are continuously achieving the best standards resulting in the estate being considered as one of the most secure residential estates in Plettenberg Bay.